Attention All Business Owners Who Are Sick And Tired Of Dealing With Computer Problems: 

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What Our Clients Say…

“Upgraded IT set up our complex computer systems and network. We always can count on them to respond quickly when errors have to be resolved.

Their system building and problem resolution activities carefully take in to account hardware and software costs to arrive at the most cost effective solutions.

Bottom line is that we are very satisfied with the work and would highly recommend them.”


Gershon Rothstein, Director of Torah Tapes, Inc.

Is This You?

Have you built a thriving business that’s long outgrown your IT company? Does your IT guy/company insist on fixing old computers and charging you each time they break? Are you considering replacing those slow, outdated, unreliable computers and network equipment but don’t know who you can trust to get the job done?

Your company is certainly not alone.

We understand your situation and specialize in helping long time business owners keep their computers in working order. Upgrade projects are done on-time and within budget. Our computer solutions are user friendly, fully compatible with the way you work and with the way your office functions. We speak plain simple English. We don’t confuse you with hard-to-understand geeky technical explanations.  

We will do our job so that you can focus on your business instead of waiting for the repair guy to show up. If you are considering making this change fill out the form to the right or call 718-336-4420 and the consultation will be free


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